Who is Allister Adel?


Allister Adel is out of step with what Maricopa County voters want and deserve from their County Attorney.
Allister Adel is far too radical for Maricopa County. In a March candidate questionnaire submitted to the American Civil Liberties Union, Allister Adel said she would enforce Arizona’s existing, never-repealed criminal laws on abortion. If Roe v. Wade were ever overturned, Allister Adel would lock up women and their doctors for getting abortions and she’d prosecute advertisers of contraceptives from condoms to birth control. Maricopa County voters are hard working, honest people from every walk of life. They are not extremists like Allister Adel hell-bent on criminalizing private health care decisions.


By the time Arizonans have fully voted this November, Allister Adel will have spent thirteen months in office as County Attorney. Yet it was with only thirteen weeks before election day that Adel found reason to think about the kind of criminal justice reform policies that Julie Gunnigle has long supported.
For the first eleven months of her appointed term, Adel has been AWOL on supporting body cameras, transparency in high-profile charging decisions, and prioritizing actual crimes in Maricopa County by decriminalizing marijuana possession. If Adel brings no fresh ideas to the table or barely knows how fundamental constitutional processes like Brady List disclosures work, why should Maricopa County voters trust her more time in office? Allister Adel isn’t a reformer of any system of justice; she’s a follower. Her failures as County Attorney are just more of the same old, broken Joe Arpaio-style of politics that put flashy publicity stunts over public service that is honest and transparent.


Just two months into her appointment as County Attorney, Allister Adel dismantled the Special Crimes Bureau which was charged with investigating public corruption. In a County known for its fair share of crooked politicians, it’s worth asking: why doesn’t Allister Adel want to investigate public corruption? Who is she protecting?

Just a follower

Allister Adel started off her campaign promising to bring more of the same old failures of County Attorneys past into the office. In her application letter to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors begging for an appointment, Adel vowed to carry on the questionable legacy of former County Attorney Bill Montgomery. Of the promises Adel made, being a corrupt failure is one she has thoroughly fulfilled. Maricopa County residents don’t have leadership in their County Attorney’s Office; they have a follower of the mistakes of the past.
Maricopa County voters deserve better. They deserve a champion for justice and a leader as their County Attorney.

Who is Julie Gunnigle?

Julie Gunnigle was born and raised in Maricopa County and currently lives a mile from the school that she attended growing up with her husband, John, and three kids. As a former professor, current solo practitioner, mother of three, and former prosecutor – Julie understands how complex our criminal justice system is and how important it is to have someone with a diverse set of experiences to tackle the problems within the County Attorney’s office and in Maricopa County. She has a bold reform agenda, a strong record to take on the unelected County Attorney and the prosecutorial experience to do the job. Julie will take on public corruption in the county, closing the loopholes and access to lobbyists to promote transparency and ethics. She will divert resources away from drug cases to focus on public corruption and violent crimes.

As County Attorney, Julie Gunnigle will be:

  • TOUGH on violent crimes that target women, children, and our seniors.
  • SMART with reforms to create real sentencing reform, end cash bail, and save taxpayers $250 million a year.
  • FAIR to our residents by creating effective diversion programs for young adults and children, veterans with mental health issues, and ending the prosecution of low-level marijuana offenses.